Debt Collection Subject Matter Expert

Gina McNaughton, a 20+ year ARM Industry veteran, leads The McNaughton Group, a boutique consulting firm, with her long-term established relationships, and years of proven results in the Healthcare accounts receivables’ sector.

Welcome to The McNaughton Group

The McNaughton Group is a boutique consulting firm specializing in advising Healthcare Clients in all aspects of receivables management. Our approach accelerates receivables to cash.

The Partners have extensive experience in improving their Clients’ operational effectiveness, with a combined tenure of 40+ years of leadership experience.


Pre-prep due diligence of Healthcare receivables
Significantly increase first-party receivable liquidity through our proprietary process of targeted enhancements. Benefits can be realized in less than 90 days.

3rd Party Debt Collection Compliance Assessment
Our unique approach identifies key areas of potential non-compliance and addresses their associated risks. Our approach compresses the assessment time frame from months to weeks.

Vendor Management
Increase Client profitability and liquidity through healthy competition between first in-house process and outsourced Vendors. Benefits from using our approach can be realized in 1 quarter.

Operational Improvements/Turnarounds
Strategically guide organizations through process, procedure, and technology change iniatives–to improve performance and solidify compliance.

Differentiation & Benefits

The McNaughton Group utilizes a unique approach to deliver the requested services to each of our Clients. This approach rapidly identifies the key areas of non-compliance, non performance and/or poor performance, and their associated risks. Our approach provides a proprietary set of tools to evaluate individual and comparative Vendor performance.

We capitalize on our extensive debt collection subject matter expertise. Our expertise is comprehensive, in that, our experience spans from entry-level Collector functions through Executive leadership of multi-site operations.

We conduct our Vendor assessments on-site, allowing a clearer observation into daily operations. In addition, we provide on-going recommendations to provide a faster “time-to-benefit” and improved cash flow for our Clients.

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